Partnership Program.

Partnerships are essential for supporting our clients in building efficient and scalable solutions. We are constantly looking for new partners who bring added value and boost the growth of our clients.

With whom do we work with?

  • Strategy Consulting Firms.

    Partners advise and help our clients in their decision-making process for a modern Core Banking and the partner's ecosystem that revolve around the new technological platform.

  • Tech Consulting Firms.

    Tech consulting firms support our clients to deliver and integrate our solutions while carrying out specific developments.

  • Product and Technology Partners.

    Our partners connect their products or services to our Core Banking Platform to expand the possible combinations while bringing our best-of-breed approach to life and building a relevant solution for our clients.

Why join the Partner Program?

Our program offers partners an open, cost-effective, and predictive partner environment. We're building a collaboration focused on several aspects: business, marketing, communication, training activities, etc. The competitive advantage is to get better opportunities in the market. Skaleet's Partner Program supports partner business engagements to influence, recommend or resell to sustain the customer purchase cycle. This collaboration level enables powerful flexibility and the ability to build the best solutions for our clients.

Partner's Benefits.

  • Hasten your Growth.

    Generate new qualified opportunities flows between partners (Go-to-Market, packaged solution, white-label, joint response to RFPs, showcase, and introduction in strategic discussions with clients). Hasten your growth by partnering with Skaleet!

  • Expand your Brand Awareness.

    Logo sharing on our respective websites while being associated with events, webinars, and co-branded content such as articles, white papers, etc.

  • Bring your Added Value.

    Engage with customers to help them integrate new capabilities, and features, develop new customer experiences, and more by implementing your product/service into Skaleet's Core Banking Platform.

  • Become a Partner with Skaleet.

    We are looking for partners who want to build future financial services! Join our partner program and be part of a global community that aims to create high-value-added financial services.

Security, performance, and regulatory compliance are top priorities for our customers, who also want an agile and robust solution. Skaleet’s Core Banking Platform meets all of these requirements and is one of Europe’s leading technology providers.

Maksym Popov

Co-fonder & COO - 42Flows.Tech

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